Saturday, March 22, 2008

during the kids naptime i made these.

the little things.make a statement.
Playing catch up with Elise's paper project.
Dang I have missed doing these.
Figured I would use some of Jamie's scrappy leftovers while patiently awaiting the arrival of this month's SIS collection.
It's a purty one. So calm and subdued.
Just like me after a glass of wine.


kokopuffs said...

oh mR, you're back to your scrappy self again.

I sort of fell off the paper08 wagon a while ago.

love what you did with the LT kit. leftovers are good yeah?

The DCG. said...

ummm, YEAH! totally love these mR! So cool that you're housesitting and got to take the kiddos to Disney! hats off, mama!

have a fantastic rest of the easter weekend!!!!!!

muah, xoxo.

ps - you're headin' this way in May? hoo wee! are you bringing the J with? Heh, tell her to jump boogie in your carry on ;)

EliseBlaha said...

you are fab.
love both of these.

Natalie said...

Your posts always seem to make me smile. Those pages are fantastic. Happy Easter!

Debee Campos said...

Just so beautimus! Love the butterflies so much-crazy cool! I'm thinking you need to keep this up girl cuz I'm lovin' the mojo workin' through you! SAweet!

happy hugs,

Anilu Magloire said...

Gotta love nap time :)
Great pages, Michelle.

Gigi said...

loved these...seeing you do this challenge makes me want to catch up...think i'm gonna mandate naptime tomorrow :)