Thursday, March 13, 2008

lay like broccoli.

make it homemade.
and eat up on breakfast for dinner.
Among other random things.
That's how we are spending our days.
I promise to be back soon with crafty stuff, but for now I am stocking up on the family together time.
Because 7 months without it, is way too long.


kokopuffs said...

so sorry for tonight. I feel like a big dork now. but I hope you know how much we care about you guys. please tell him we will be thinking about him and hoping that he is safe each and every day. and the three of you will be in our thoughts as well.

oh boy, here come the waterworks again. love you all.

amytangerine said...

okay those photos are the best. xoxo

kokopuffs said...

btw, what's that green fluffy thing on kyan's plate? it looks like ice cream...or green mashed potatoes.