Monday, March 03, 2008

Never did I think the day would come where I would enjoy wine.

March 1st was the day.
An imprompto trip up to Los Olivos wine country did it.
Or maybe 7 wineries down, it all tasted just fine.
I am more of a sweet white wine kinda girl.
and Anthony, more of a Syrah red kinda guy.
My favorite were the Daniel Gehrs wines by a longshot though.
So I think this Friday night will be spent re-watching Sideways and enjoying a bottle of wine.
Who would have thought.


kokopuffs said...

sounds so romantic.
soak it all in mR.
and a little bit of wine helps too.

nikki peterson said...

fun for you.

now that you are a wino, come visit me, KL and Lisa for a day tasting... k?

EliseBlaha said...

love wine.
and wine tasting.

Liv said...

yay! welcome to the dark side. ;)