Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's a girl to do?

Option A:
Option B
*Don't be distracted by the pile o' laundry on the floor or the unmade bed please when helping with your opinion.

The occasion: a formal Navy Hawkeye ball (aka Jr. high prom for adults)

Anthony will be all foofed up in this.

The problem: I love the short fushia dress and I have killer shoes to match, but I think its more cocktaily than formal. We are living in CA where the weather has been abnormally warm even for here. So maybe I could pull off the short dress?

Or the lovely plum and violet colored one? How the top ties and is padded a bit in the boobage area, is a big plus. This mom of two wee ones needs all the help she can get. But for shoes and jewelry? What the heck color do I wear with it?

Please help.

Much appreciated,

conflicted fashion victim in CA.


scrappinJen said...

You know me. As a mom of 5 fashion is long ago gone. But, alas, i digress... at the East Coast ball this year. I went the short route and I was so in the IN crowd. Lots of short dresses all around me. my 2 cents.

Elizabeth said...

They're BOTH gorgeous, so you can't lose either way. I do agree with scrappinjen that short seems to be super IN right now, so you'll likely not be the only one with a short dress. As for jewelry, I would honestly go necklace-less with both dresses (with a bracelet or 2 and classy earrings with Option B and bigger bolder earrings with Option A).
Oh, and for shoes for Option B...I think silver would be divine :D


Breanne Crawford said...

you look hot either way... but the first is killer! loving that dress!

Courtneybee said...

I saY...ROCK THAT SHORT ONE....It is killer!

Vee said...

option a! I love the color, gem colors are so in and the ruffles double + and the color looks awesome on you, plus it looks it was made for you! :) my two cents...

EliseBlaha said...

love them both.
but you look even hotter in pink.

ps...what does the man say?

michelle raMirez said...

the man says "uh...I dunno. Either look fine."
my response..I am not looking for just fine honey.
gotta love their imput.
Thanks you girls for the help.
pink I think it is.
Will post up the shoes in the morn.

Vanessa said...

i like the pink too!! but if you went with the long, just black shoes and no necklace...let your d'ecollet'e (neck line area) shine all by itself

staceyfike said...

first instinct says pink but then when i looked at a's attire i say go with option b.
then again. as far as jewelry or etc. i'm helpless b/c i'd just have to go shopping with you! can that be arranged?
either way i hope you have a blast!

kokopuffs said...

i say option A for sure.
that one is major hotness.

and why ask a man for his opinion? you know its like asking beer or beer?

can't wait to see pics of the two of you all dolled up. it's gonna be a hot night for sure.

kokopuffs said...

oh and another thing.

I think you need to fire the laundry lady. she's not doing her job.

and my bed is hardly ever made. so you're okay in my book there.

Heidi Joe said...

I say go with the pink and go get some fun makeup done! Go to MAC and get some false eyelashes and movie star eyes.

And a big fun ring that will make it look festive and party-y.

Deanna G. said...

hotttt dang, mR!! yes yes, those ruffles with the short number had me at hello! and you totally cracked me up with the boobage, lol. love it. you'll look divine, i just know it! xoxo.

ps- i'm with heidi. mac falsies are my fave ;) keep blinking at everyone all night too, tee hee.

pps- i rarely ever make the bed. whats the sense when you get all tangled in it anyway. ha.

lauren said...

love the pink!! super sexy!!! :)

ahardy said...

the FUSCHIA is on FIAH!

you are the HOTNESS in that dress.
screw "the rules". :P

Natalie said...

Rock the first one! It is HOT and adorable, all in one hot pink number. I love it. You look fantastic in it.

kokopuffs said...

mike says he likes the long one better.

*CER* said...

but either way,
you can't go wrong...
have fun!