Sunday, November 23, 2008

I blame the crooked dance floor for my busted pump.

I laugh looking at this picture because we look so put together.
Definatly not how the night ended.
We won 50 dollars in gift cards and I busted the heel off of these shoes from dancing like the super nerds we are.
Like the heel was dangling by the fabric.
Much twirling, laughing with friends and even beer pong took place.
Needless to say, I hang my head low when I say I did not make it to Paper Source Saturday morning.
But I did manage to make some scrap pages this weekend for Just let me scrapbook.

Dusting off the old craft table feels good.


Natalie said...

ok i almost spit out my tea from laughing so hard. that scrap page is the best one i have seen in months. you know which one i'm talking about ;)

amber said...

So very happy to see some scrappies from you. The He said She said has me giggling. Out of the mouths of babes... ;)

kerry lynn said...

love it when you scrap chellers!

Liv said...

oh my dear jesus.

that page is HI-LARIOUS.

and i bet anthony loved that too.

now THAT's the kinda stuff you gotta scrap. :) love it love it love it.

Cat said...

you look gorgeous!! Stopping to say hi...

Breanne Crawford said...

LOVE the scrappage.

and you look super hot!