Sunday, November 16, 2008

easily amused these days.

  • Finding out that my old favorite Japanese dollar store is now alive and kicking in the US. The closest one is way up north from me, but it's just another reason I need to make it to the Bay area asap. Back in my flight attendant days, this was always my first stop on a layover. I would spend hours ewwing and ahhing the aisles. Just the thought of reliving this past time soon has me all giddy.
  • being refered to this fantastic mommy's blog. 2008's version of a love note in your lunch box. This may just get my kids eating more too. Yet another reason to make it to bulletpoint number one.
  • making these little guys for various holiday projects.
  • the I phone. holy crap. This thing has my mind spinning. The 2 features that woe me... Shazam and Urbanspoon
  • Loving the prices at Mister art...especially for these
Have you found anything that has your mind racing lately?


Vanessa said...

i used shazaam and urbanspoon at least 4 times each this past weekend. oh what would i do without the iphone!? love that japanese store too!

ahardy said...


i can *always* count on you for cool finds.

that japanese dollar store looks insanely FUN.

so happy you are back to blogland.
i've missed your spunk! :D

kerry lynn said...

1. yes, we do have daiso up here
2. yes, it is FAB
3. yes, you do need to visit
4. i miss you