Friday, November 21, 2008

short and sassy it is.

Finished off with these snazzy kicks and a big bling ring, I'm all ready for a date night.
You girls (and mike) were such a huge help in making this so very fun.
An all done up picture will be posted to see the final look, not to worry.
The plan is to not enjoy the beverages too much due to the grand opening of the Paper source in Thousand Oaks.
This girl has priorities.
The temptation of crafty goodies being only about 20 miles away now versus 60 is just fantastic.
Hot damn. Speaking of crafty.
For this festive outing tonight, I made these.
Glittery pumpkins galore.

And glitter covered corks that will be poked with a bamboo skewer and then topped with the squadron symbol printed out on transparancies.
This is a first at table settings for me, but I think it will go over well.
Especially due to the fact that everyone will be seeing it with beer goggles on.
And because everything is better with candy, it will be sprinkled all over the table to enjoy.

a little something I made for the house.

Happy Friday.


Vee said...

love your craftness, the pumpkins are fab! have a great time!

Breanne Crawford said...

holy cow! those shoes are hot! hope date night went fabulous!