Sunday, March 11, 2007

i wish i were a spell check kinda girl.

if i mean to type * thank you , i usually in turn type *thanks you.
I just did this on a DT submission and am now so embarassed.
my neighbors say i should type my blog entry in Word, spell check it and then copy it here, but thats just too much work while the kids are fussin' in the backround ya know?
so for all of you that are good at this.....i sorry.
and by that i mean....I'm sorry.
it's a flaw in me and i am ok with it...hope you are too.
so i zoomed up on the photo i posted and eeks. I suggest you don't.
if you do, notice..
exhibit a - chin blemish
exhibit b - sunchapped lips
exhibit c - my friend Erika in my right eyeglass...what a fun weekend.


Vee said...

i totally am the same way!!
hope you had a great w/e
so wish i was at the beach.

michelleguray said...

don't worry about it! here i am saying that but i'd totally feel the same way as you :) seriously though i'm sure it's fine :)

DBird said...

Ahhhhhhh! mR. I love your posts, nonspellchecked and all :)

I know! We kept playin phone tag... We were runnin around like madd people, haha. HNL does that to you. But surely, I'm glad you had a good one!

So funny on your zoom in, bahahaha.

Heidi Joe said...

#1. You look like a rock star in that photo.

#2. You ARE a rock star.

#3. Spellcheck is for the birds.

RitasCottage said...

what a fun-ny post! made me giggle. and for the record, I 'never' spell check... really. now you've got me worried :P nice photo...and fun bloggage!

ahardy said...

i second heidi.
you are CELEB hot.
that's fo sho.

livvie said...

"my neighbors say".... not tryin' to name names huh? :) i see how it is.

i do like that pic by the way. i don't think you take enough self-pictures.