Monday, March 19, 2007

It's as simple as something that nobody knows ...

ok. breathe.

yes i am telling myself this because i get to go and see JACK JOHNSON in concert!!!

aaaaaahhhh. I wanted to go last year but Anthony was out of town.

this year, not the case.
going all out to see this outdoor, sunshine, good music filled concert and can hardly stand it!! FOr the next 30 days i am on major countdown.
doesn't get much better....we are staying at the Sheraton Moana surfrider too. I have always admired this spectacular hotel and never thought i would actually stay there because we're in the condo mode with the kids. BUT, because it's a girl's birthday weekend, we splurged.
thanks for letting me share this news.
have not touched my scrappy stuff for a week or so, but hopefully tonight i will get the chance.


staceyfike said...


Vee said...

sounds like fun
have fun creating, can't waitto see what you make :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

Uber envious! Would love to go see JJ!! Gosh... awesome! U go! Have fun!

michelleguray said...

sounds absolutely wonderful!!

DBird said...

KOKUA festttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bahaha, I wonder if he's coming to Maui again. We went two years ago and missed last year. Hmpf.

Ohh, I know you'll have a blast girlah.

Heidi Joe said...

Dude... one of my favorite quotes is from JJ... "No prints can come from fingers if machines become our hands." Meaning, appreciate things that are handmade because they're a part if us! YEEAH!

P.S. According to that poster, it looks like The Girlahs are opening up for the Jack. Too bad it's not "THE" Girlahs, huh?

Anonymous said...

I am going to Kokua Fest too! Can't wait! :)


Penny said...

I am officially jealous. I had a friend who moved to Hawaii (her DH was stationed there) and she turned me on to him a few years ago. She saw him at a local bar or something.

Have fun!!!

Crystal said...

I have to agree with everyone else, that I am so jealous that I can't stand it! UGH. I am stuck here in San Antonio TX.
Have a great time oogling one of the hottest guys on the planet and checking out the cool tunes.

Nura Keif said...

Wow cool!!:-D

gabbyfek said...

so i live way far away
but i've been wanting to go to this for ever and ever and ever.
i am sorta really totally jealous.

DBird said...

i forgot to add.... did you know the girlas will be performing? bahaha, too bad there wasn't an h at the end ;op

Francine said...

I LOVE Jack Johnson! Have fun at the concert!!

sara berry said...

god, that just made me homesick for hawaii. enjoy it!

livvie said...

I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED! I cannot contain myself! I have an "Official" Kokua festival countdown on my Myspace page. (I know I'm a nerd. That's why you love me and are going with me.)