Wednesday, March 14, 2007

embrace your silly side today.

i did, thanks to Stacey and her super fly caffeine blog.
challenge=taking goofy pictures of yourself.
they are not the best, but i had a good time.
my kids thought it was pretty funny too.
while on the topic of happy thoughts, i figured i'd list some happy ones too.

**happy list at this moment is as follows**

*kyan yelling "zeeza" for pizza at lunch.
*Olivia waving to the horses and yelling "good morning horsey"
*coke on tap at Costco...yes i caved a bit
*sore muscles from working out
*the huge rainstorm we had last night
*the afterglow from that storm today
*a Paperchase scrapbook at Borders for 1 dollar. (love this stuff)
*enjoying the birthday goodies i got in the mail from the Girlahs
*knowing that Anthony gets home soon and i get a big hug
*kids napping longer
*Glamorous by Fergie
*long conversations with my sisters
*glittery eggs around my house
*the smell of coconut
*good hair days
*crockpot cooking


staceyfike said...

pics = awesome
list = even better!!!

*~*Amber*~* said...

Love the pics.... Taking goofy pics is one of my FAVE things to do... had some on my blog earlier this month or somehting... List... great... Need to do one of those for sure! xoxo
O... and... G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S...we're flying first class, up in the sky... love that jam!

kokopuffs said...

ooh, I'm good at the goofy pictures. but i might go home and take more just because.

i get to see you in a few months!!

Heidi Joe said...

You're the JAM, my friend. Love the photo montage... totally rad.

amber said...

Love the pics. And the happy list. Except for good hair days...what are those? ;)