Friday, March 16, 2007

caution..proceed carefully

if you are easily offended...


please stop here....
otherwise, check it.
i saw this DILF phrase on Jamie's blog awhile back and knew i had to make a layout about it.
Anthony is definitely not a fan of posing for pics, so i snuck this one.
a rare moment for him to just sit and relax on the beach.
the man never sits still.
and this was another layout i did for Zingboom this month.
I love football and was so proud of myself when i made it to the Superbowl for our Fantasy team!!
oh yeah...the boys were not to happy that the only girl in the league finished top 2!
the name stickers were a funny story so i was tickled when i finally got to use them on a page.
a big group of guys were doing the draft for another league my husband was in, and were almost done when they realized they could have used these stickers instead of writing out the names.
duh! such a guy thing to miss that.
so i jump up and say "i'll have them"
of course i get a huge look of "huh"
for scrapbooking...duh.
and they all sigh and have some more beer.
game on.

sort of like my neighbor Olivia taking the doilies from under her food at a local restaurant. Our other neighbor asks "what the heck are you doing?"
always a good answer.

do you have something random that you took recently to scrap with?


Vee said...

totally love this phrase!!
love saying things like this :)
awesome layouts too
as always
love your style :)

kokopuffs said...

I can't remember which guy it was that came up with DILFs, but it was definitely one of Mike's friends from that day. one day, Mike will be a DILF too. but not TOO soon :)

love the pic of the mister. he's so buff and tan. I guess that's what the military and time in Hawaii will do to you...

Heidi Joe said...

Um, yeah... you've got a DILF, for reals, except I don't mean that the I in that DILF means ME... I mean that it means you... Oh, you know what I mean.

I have one, too.. but he's not a dad, so what does that make him? A HILF? BAAAAH! I'm in a weird mood.

And I totally took some business cards from this cute florist by my work because I thought they would look cute as a tag on a LO. Stay tuned. (Wink).

ahardy said...

love this.
must use for myself.
& yay for you on the fantasy football.
you showed those "boys"!

Breanne Crawford said...

hah. awesome layouts ;)

Michelle Guray said...

omg!!! love it, mR!! the lo's are awesome! and yay on the football thingy! :)

staceyfike said...

DILF!!!! why didn't i think of that???? love it!!!!

DBird said...

ahhhhhh, this is so rad. love the page ;) and hello, SB!

The G has been taking things for me... it's funny bc sometimes he'll give me the look like, "you want me to snag this?" and i nod, then we walk out of some restaurant with a bcard and some handouts or something, bahahahaha.