Sunday, March 25, 2007


so before talking vacation..i finally got this bad boy done. I have been working on this mini of Olivia's second birthday for months. Taking it to craft nights and doing way more talking than scrapping. I am so happy to have it completed and olivia loves it too , so that's a huge bonus.
so our family of four is taking a major tourist week to Oahu. I think Anthony and I are gonna do a little of this. My hands are all clammy just thinking about it, but i think if i am going to do it anywhere, there is no better place than Hawaii. and yes i am totally going to be price gouged to get fab pictures like this one. I am only doing this crazy jump out of an airplane thing once.
and a little dolphin swimming for me. I am totally cheesy and have always wanted to hang onto their fins and ride. Dreams do come true for mommies. yipee!!! but really,we are going more for the kids. You know, things like the zoo, sea life park, beaches, and more. Just a little fun parents time is in store too.

you may be wondering why we live here and would want to go do all of this?

well, we found out that we are for sure leaving Kauai on June 1st and moving back to Ventura, CA. We have LOVED our time here and are sad to be leaving.
There sure are some wonderful things awaiting us in Ca though. friends, family, Target, In and out burger and so much more.

Ok , really, i have to go finish packing before the kids wake up and our flight leaves.
Happy week to all and stay tuned for crazy pics and such to come.

My first travel journal is in the works for this trip so that ought to be good.



staceyfike said...

have FUN!!!

amber said...

What a fun trip! I'm sure the kiddos are gonna LOVE it!! And Mommy and Daddy too. ;)

Karla said...

The album is beautiful! And you better take the plunge!!!! You only live once! :) I really do hope you all have a wonderful time! And kiss a lot! It's good for the soul!

Chat soon honey

Heidi Joe said...

Fun trip, lady! I have always wanted to swim with dolphins, too... might as well do it while you are in paradise!

*~*Amber*~* said...

Gosh... how LUCKY are you! love this! O.. to go to Hawaii just ONCE... glad u've enjoyed ur time there and are doing the "tourist" thing! sometimes, u just need to enjoy it. think I still need to do the tourist thing around nashville! haha

Breanne Crawford said...

that mini ROCKS!!

CKU binder girl Jenny said...

Woot, woot! I get you back here in VA (at least for a bit). Yea. I started clearing some closet space for the twins today in my scrap room. yippee!

gabbyfek said...

cannot wait to see pics.
i hope y'all have the greatest time!

DBird said...

wapowww! aww mang, that all sounds like a blast. i'm too scaredy cat to jump out of a flying plane :op bahahah. *can't* wait to see the pics mR!

lovvvvvvvvvve the album :) aww man, that thing is a beauty! makes me wanna leave work and go home and make something right now, heh.

dude, tourist time is the best :) have fun... super rad you're living it up local and making most of your time here. i should so fly over there before you leave and we can have lunch :)

jamie ko said...

I SOOOO cannot wait to see you in May in Kauai. yay for the fact that I get to see you before you leave! AND THEN!!!! you'll be in California when I get back! so it's like double whammie schabammie holy moly yippee skippee!!

hope you're having an awesome time vacationing!!

RitasCottage said...

LOVE that little book you made. sounds like a fantastic trip. welcome back :) can't wait to see all the pages!!