Saturday, May 19, 2007

step away from the computer.

*the house needs to be cleaned.

*i'm sure the kids need new diapers.
*its almost dinner time.

(maybe i'll just do pizza.)

*i need to pack up a few things for the move and get them shipped.

*yikes there are alot of things i 'should' be doing.

but NO.

i can't stop chatting and such over at SIS...seriously.

i NEED to walk away from the computer.

off i go.

but i'm sure i'll be back soon.
after all, it is almost bedtime for the kiddos.


ahardy said...

i'm with you.
SIS is *addictive*.
see ya over there!

stephaniehowell said...

you and me both, baby.

Vee said...

i know!!
me too :)

Colleen said...

oy yes, much time suckage to be spent there