Thursday, May 10, 2007

i am cheesy, i know*

so Anthony flew out to Scottsdale tonight for a few days and i was be bopping around the internet and found this.
YOu all know i am a huge bachelor fan and so i had to share this.
the word is Tessa takes the cake.
I am hoping Anthony runs into him in a few weeks at a Triathlon on Oahu to get the dish.
he promised he'd take a picture if he sees him.
ha ha


livvie said...

two words: CHEESE BALL. :)

but it's nice that anthony said he'd take a pic of dr. navy if he gets a chance.

ahardy said...


i like tessa, so i hope the rumor is true.
i think andy definitley likes to CHASE, if you
know what i mean. :)

& goodness! that would be awesome if anthony "runs" into him! you've got the hook up, for sure!

amber said...

I think he's gonna pick Tessa. Or is it too obvious? SOmetimes the one that's too obvious is the one that they don't choose.

A pic would be awesome! :)

DBird said...

i haven't watched an ep of this. but seriously mR. i choked up, hahaha. the chorus just gets me ;)

shelly b said...

Wow...cheese....and more cheese! But I found myself watching it...hmmm...and I kept thinking of Pretty Woman..

Eminepala said...

aw sorry, we don't have this show over here :(... At least not this new version LOL...