Monday, May 07, 2007

recap and some winners*

this little girl brought tears to my eyes.
she is a cancer survivor.
the Relay was emotional yet so invigorating.
remembering those who i have lost and praying for those who are fighting.
wow. so glad that i was apart of it.
on a much lighter note....
Anthony went to Scottsdale to work for a few days so needless to say i am up late hoot hooting.
stumbled across this website and had to laugh.
i mean, does he always hold his abs in all funny where his ribs poof out like so?
can't wait for the hometown dates tonight! and for the winners from the other fest!
and yes its plural..i can never just pick one and i am a cleaning fool.

*breanne for edumacating herself and graduating!
*pookiepie76 for the De LaHoya info
*jamaica for the National Make out day. ... too funny
*deanna for G's birthday and the rad pinata too. brownie points for sure.

Oh Happy day. Email your addys and your goods will be on their merry way!


Heidi Joe said...

Hee heee.... you were up supah late! Glad you had a fun weekend, and that thing about the Bachelor is so funny. I've only seen a few of them this year, he's kind of a goober. And I totally don't get the puffed out chest? UGH. Let's bring back Andrew Firestone. At least he brought wine. (wink!)

Eminepala said...

Congrats to the winners...


DBird said...

oh my gosh, i didn't know there was some rak love! mRRRRR you sweet sweet lady!!!! thank you thank you thank you!

so rad that you participated in the relay. and i forgot to add on the last post... **LOVE** the new banner :) you guys are the cutest family!! oh man!

Breanne Crawford said...


did i even enter to win stuff?! hahah i dont even remember

but friggin cool!

thank you! emailing you (though you SHOULD have my addy!)