Friday, May 11, 2007

fridays finds 3*

sweet fabric by Alexander Henry .
i feel a major sewing fit coming on...
this watch.
juicy...yeah i'd say so.
if i wore it though, it would make me think of sweets even more than i already do.
and that would be bad.
this Roxy shirt.
they make it in a tote too.
seriously, we have to keep our beautiful beaches clean so many more can enjoy them.
i mght have to be a walking billboard for this cause.
and i know i know.
Etsy has been the place to be for awhile, but i finally looked around for a bit the other night and in love love love.
people are so damn creative!!!


Eminepala said...

Oh My that fabric is the BOMB... Wonderful to use it on your scrapbook pages... Aw the ideas are starting to flow through my head LOL.. It's definetely an inspiring piece ;)


DBird said...

YOU are so damn creative, woman :) haha.... love your friday finds junction. It's one of the things I look forward to each week :)

Breanne Crawford said...

fun stuff

im on a total fabric kick lately (gigi and i visited an amazing store in nyc today) --- i just need to learn how to sew!

Jen said...

Does that mean I'm cool? ;P

laura P said...

Thanks to Court posting all her "Sisters" I am having a wonderful time reading all of your blogs, What an inspiration ( the fabric) well you are pretty awsome too...
laura P

Gigi said...

LOVE that fabric!!!

me thinks i may see michelle in an apron made from that mighty soon, eh?

hope you had a happy mom's day!!!!!

Ilka said...

Gosh that fabric is amazing!
Enjoyed all your pics, thanks!

mG said...

oh i can get so lost in etsy too! love your friday finds!!