Friday, May 04, 2007

fridays finds and facts*

this weeks jack of ms. Stephanie.
dare love.
and this beauty!
should be on a flight near me soon.
thanks deanna, gigi and court for turing me on to this.
if it punches through plexiglass, i am gonna be one happy mama! and lastly...
2 words...
Amy tangerine !
go here to see her fantabulous creations.
seriously awesome!
need one of something bad.

*happy friday*


Eminepala said...

beautiful pages.. I want to do this one too when I have the time LOL

Yeah, I checked her blog.. She looks like a very cool girl ;)


Joy Pate said...

You don't know me, but i read your blog. :) Anyhoo, you are getting a crop-a-dile and you are going to love it! I don't know if it will cut through plexiglass, but the other week i punched a new hole in my husbands leather belt with mine. LOL

staceyfike said...

that is my new fave of yours (the jack) I LOVE IT!!
and i bet it does cut through plexiglasss!!!

Vee said...

I love Amy, keep asking her when she is coming to DC!!
she is so sweet
love love your jack and dare!!!
I am going to try and squeeze in the jack tomorrow. :)
crop-a-dile scrares me alittle it is so big
but I can't wait to see what you make with it:)

amytangerine said...

you are such a sweetheart! just scrapped a kauai page from jan 2005 and totally miss it. We love this little restaurant called Mermaids Cafe on the east coast. Have you been there?

*~*Amber*~* said...

love these girl!!!! i love ur steph-jack!! and yes... Amy totally rawks!!! xoxo

DBird said...

mR! holy cow. those pages are gorgeous!!! ahhhhhhhhh! i giggled at the first one. teared up at the second... sigh.

you will fall in love with the crocadile. hahaha.. just don't drop it on your foot, doh!

and hello amy tangerine! (dude, i'm still star struck that she left me a comment on my page, seriously! i was like, no... not me! haha). love her stuff!

and i love your stuff!!! Ahhhhh. Happy Friday my Friend.

amber said...

Oh my goodness. That grade school crush LO? Fab, girlfriend! Love your Friday finds posts. ;)

Heidi Joe said...

Funny story. Everytime I use my cropadile... I end up pinching my boob in the handles. I guess I just hold whatever I'm punching at chesticle level. What's wrong with me? Seriously?

Anyway, your LO's rock the show as usual. Love you!

{Scrap_A_Bee} said...

These layouts are lovely!

kokopuffs said...

you should check your email. i sent you one last night from work.

amy tangerine is going to be at Scrapbook Oasis on June something-or-other...I know it's at the beginning of June, around CHA time. and hmm....I do think you'll be in CA too won't you?? ;)

I love the grade school crush page. you might've had competition though, cuz I would've beening crushing too :)

Michelle Guray said...

love the pages mR!! and yes you will love the cropadile! it's wonderful!

Gigi said...


you got the crop-a-dile!!!!! you will NOT be sorry!!! like butta...

& i LOVE the rock!

Penny said...
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Penny said...

I LOVE that first layout, it's so cute! Those Heidi Swapp letters are on of my favorite supplies, so they always catch my eye.