Sunday, September 09, 2007

i think i am a list blogger kinda girl

forget milk.

this outfit still has me cracking up.
his mouth was just the opposite of his shirt that day though.
i think i jinxed him.
i love jet noise.
we went here and loved it
earplugs, shades and all. seriously. Gwen is getting all kinds of crafty.
what is the world coming to?
must say if this is what its coming to...i like it.

am starting this tomorrow.
love the idea.
it reminds me of this book i loved as a kid!

did you find anything cool this weekend?


Vee said...

gwen is so awesome and so cute and stylish. always loved her style way in the early days of no doubt.
so awesome you went to the airshow, i love the noise too at andrews airshow.
k, looks so cute!! :)
see ya in a week!
ahhhh a week!! (squealing with glee)

Natalie said...

Gwen is the best. And love those pics of Kyan. He is just the cutest thing ever. See you in 6 days!! Whoooo!

scrap {n} flava said...

that shirt sure put a smile on my face. I bet even though he was a grumpy boy you still couldn't heklp smiling back at him! He's so cute, Michelle!

Gwen is hot- and crafty too! Who knew!

Heidi Joe said...

Ahhhh, Gwen. My Queen. Love that woman.

I love that Journal blog... I wish I had time. I think I will add it to the list to do after all the stuff I have to do now is done.

Kyan's outfit is ten kinds of cool. Love those kiddahs. =)

Anilu Magloire said...

That little guy is gonna be a heart breaker. Get ready, mama!!

I have to start my This Is Me too! I have the cover, now I have to fill it...