Friday, September 21, 2007


the beater, commuter car, not the stunned looking cutie in pj's.
in less than an hour people.
one more thing off the to do list for moving.
love when things happen so easily.


sally hanna said...

wow! that was lickity-split fast!!

Vee said...

that is awesome, i know you put the vibes out there! you are so positive :)
miss ya!

Vee said...

i forgot i got my acrylic cover today, it is awesome!! i love it and it is so going to be used with the quickness. thanks for sharing :)

sara berry said...

That is so great...even though I not-so-secretly wish that it didn't sell if the car NOT selling meant you would have had to stay. That sentence makes sense to me, but in case you don't decipher Sara it just means I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE!

Jody said...

Best of luck with the rest of this process. I hope that the transition goes really smoothly for all of you!

shelly b said...

Didn't realize you were moving! Good luck with everything...and just read your post before this...ummm..what is watermelon Dr.Pepper, did you make that up?

ahardy said...

the west coast girlah's are soooooo *EXCITED*
you'll be on this side of the country!

totally sending positive thoughts & prayers for your move!

stephanie said...

praying for a smooth move for you.
we should be REALLY good at it by now, huh?

Natalie said...

Sweeeet! Sold, indeed!
And, thanks for the acrylic.
You are the absolute best.

Anilu Magloire said...

That girlie's just too cute!
I am so glad it's been a smooth road. I hope it stays like this :)