Saturday, September 01, 2007

a shout out

to all those who donate...
thank you for dropping your junk at your local thrift stores.
i mean its great that the proceeds go to amazing causes.
but lets get to the just of it really.
thanks for donating your junk to be my treasures.
i am guessing an older couple sold there beach home and had to downsize, hence... get rid of this game.
thank you....these wooden word pieces are gonna make something mighty fine in my house for sure.
and to the mom who thought she already had enough baby cleaning stuff and gave this away with seals in tact.
thank you.
it retails for over 80 dollars and i got it for a 5 spot.
i mean really.
i never would have paid 80.
and for the kids who outgrow nice Gymboree clothes that i pick up for 99 cents.
thank you.
also found some old accountant paper.
funky trims.
a musical Thomas the train book.

keep doing your part in recyling and giving to those in need.
long live awesome thrift stores.

cheers to happy finds.


kerry lynn said...

yes. i'll get right on the back of your thank you train and say a few for myself. thank you donating gods.

isn't thrifting the best??

Anilu Magloire said...

LOL! You are too funny, Michelle! I will do my part :)

ahardy said...


those are some sweet finds mR!
i did a 'lil thrifting myself for the
Premier Girlah Kit.

Breanne Crawford said...

i have JUST discovered the joy of thrift stores.

love them.

DBird said...

Ahhhhh! hilarious, mR! Love your shout out :D

amber said...

I so love all of your finds. Keep on sharing! ;)

Natalie said...

Thrift stores rule! And so do you!

miss morgan... said...

hehe! yes! those people are all the most awesome type! thrift store addict enablers!

stephanie said...

um, howbout you take me with you??
b/c every time i go (like today)
all i find is CRAP. jealous of you! =)