Thursday, September 27, 2007

damn, i need my dvr

i mean really.
how else i am suppose to watch these on abc...

these on CW...(yeah i think i'm a little old for these but whatever)

not to metion Top Chef?
or maybe i just watch too much tv huh?
hmmm. i'm on good tv overload for sure.
and then dun dun dun....
welcome back gReys anatomy!!!!

silence on the floor at 9pm.

i'm pulling up the ice cream, dr pepper, and hubby for this bad boy!

happy watching all.


Vee said...

i look at gossip girls too! it replays on sundays at 8pm.
yes dvrs make things alot easier! :)

Heidi Joe said...

Grey's was hot. Loved it. Private Practice notsomuch.... hmpf!

DVRs kick major booty for reals!

staceyfike said...

ummm.....i only watch ANTM on mtv when they do marathons but i'm all over gossip girl, lol!!

Natalie said...

I don't know how my life would be without DVR. I love that thing. And I love me some ANTM. =)

kokopuffs said...

okay I didn't know you watch Top Chef too?!?! that's my show right now...will watch marathons all day every day.

so who do you think will win?? I have my guesses even though I don't want them to win...we will have to discuss when you get here!!

shelly b said...

My greys did not MAD...but I did dvr private practice, hopefully I'll watch tonight!

miss morgan... said...

yeah dude, there's too much to even dvr! wednesdays are the worst! i keep having to dvr gossip girl on sundays instead!