Wednesday, September 26, 2007

its on like donkey king...round 2

the dare girls get us all thinking and producing mad crazy projects when its LSS time.
oh yeah.
loved it last year.
and clearly i am back for round 2.

check out the clear creations madness here.
i am in awe!


Vee said...

i know for real, such mad talented!!
simply adore your layout!! :)

EliseBlaha said...

love this. way to use packaging.

Michelle Guray said...

this so brings me back to the first lss when i saw your work and i thought "wow, this flyingmichelle girl is awesome!" :D

Natalie said...

Your layout is just too cool for words. And the talent in that flickr pool is unreal. So wish I had time to participate this year.

stephanie said...

it goes without saying (but i'll say it anyway)
that i love you and everything you do. =)