Friday, February 29, 2008

she gets me.

and i love that.
Nothing compares to when I get to catch up and visit with friends that live way too far away.
She is the queen of useless knowledge, the kind we all thrive on.
She still works the overalls and scrunchy socks like no ones business.
Her wit is the contagious.
Her love for Coke runs deep like mine.
She picked out that necklace for me because it reminded her of scrapbook page.
She introduced me to Wii knowing fair well about my competitive nature.
She bought a coffee caramel flavored Twix to share with me when we stopped for gas.
and she flew with 4 kids to come and see us.
♥ you.
*and yes Aida, there will be a page made of this.*


staceyfike said...

that pic is TO awesome!

and i love java twix.
i have one sitting in the cupboard for j.
but he gave up sweets for lent so he can't eat it right now.
i really want him to try it.
but it tempts me.
i am a good wife.

Heidi Joe said...

Awwww! How fun is that? Love the necklace, too. What a sweet and crazycool friend. =)

alavonne said...

i actually like a picture of myself, must be cause you're in it, didn't scout take that? the girls and i miss you tons already and can't wait for summer, so be on the lookout! am wishing we'd taken a pic of us being soo lazy one sunday morning. that should be a page. thanxs for making me smile today!~a

kokopuffs said...

looks like a good time was had by all! and I think she might be laughing at you...maybe?