Saturday, August 16, 2008

All these Fall tv sneaks are making me happy.

Because who the heck are those flowers for Chuck?

and this Clue like show is fantastic.

and is my premonition of Derek getting hurt on the way to break up with Rose correct?
Are they finally going to end up together or what?
Inquiring minds are pretty excited to know here.

No words, just cue the theme song.
It had better be the same or they are going to lose this 28 year old "I am really getting to old for these shows but its my guilty pleasure" woman as a viewer.
OK really, I will probably still watch it regardless of the song, but still my hopes are high.
Pretty excited to see that the cRAzY daughter of Julia's girlfriend from my beloved Nip/Tuck as a main character though.

I think more than anything its just another reminder that my 208ish is coming to an end.
and that my friends makes me really really happy.
*insert cheesy grin here*


Vee said...

yes yes, excitement it building here too girl! :) so happy you will be wit h you other half soon! :)

Heidi Joe said...

Duh-nuh nuh-nuh, Duh-nuh nuh-nuh, CHHH CHHH... (Then Brandon fake punches Dylan twice.)

It's on.

sara berry said...

Oh, that makes me all kinds of giddy knowing what fall means to you! I was there last year and while there's good tv to be seen, homecomings are the main attraction. Miss you guys, S