Friday, August 15, 2008

and to think I had a little buyers remorse when I bought these.

Vintage Basket Lockers - $1150 (beverly hills)

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Date: 2008-08-13, 10:58AM PDT

YMCA 1920's Swim Lockers Locker Unit vintage blue metal sells at Sonrisa on Beverly for $3,000 24 drawers
powder Blue
60" tall x 53" wide x 14" deep Vintage Basket Lockers storage

Silly me.
I got a steal and a story to boot.
"I love it, I love it, I love it"


Heidi Joe said...

How cute were you on the Pam show, seriously? I'm like THATS MAH GURRRRRLLLL all loud and all by myself in my living room. Holy crap. I wanted to call you but you were at the Cozy Cone. =)

And oh yes, you got the deal of a lifetime. Forreals.

Miss you!

kokopuffs said...

and do you remember the other piece of furniture that you wanted and almost got? somehow I think your brain just knew there was something better in store for you.

i think yours is way cooler looking too. that powder blue kinda makes me want to upchuck. and you know there's quite a bit of that going on in my world.

jayne said...

So funny! I was watching the Pam show which I never had seen and telling my cousin that you went and bought some pieces and as if on cue you appeared on screen as the buyer of the piece!! LOL

I was just telling KL this story the other day....too funny!

Great finds......and story. :)

~jayne :)

miss morgan... said...

a rad story on top of the amazing deal should totally cancel out buyers remorse!

amber said...

A good deal indeed! I was so excited to see you (&J). I kept rewinding and watching again and again. You were too cute!