Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my boy

You are 3 today.
You are definitely your father's son.
You always know that your kisses make everything better for mommy.
You are now totally potty trained.
You could eat breakfast foods for every meal and be thrilled.
You like Thomas the Train, but LOVE anything Cars.
You monkey see monkey do like the best of them.
You are fearless.
You love to sing with your eyes closed.
You think calling people poo poo is a term of endearment.
You sometimes still cry out for daddy at bedtime and it breaks my heart.
You can wail kick on a soccer ball.
You can now strap yourself into your carseat with no help.
You give the best hugs and hug with your whole being.
You are not a huge fan of talking on the phone.
You are our Kyan.
Our joy.
Happy birthday Lightening!!!


staceyfike said...

You sometimes still cry out for daddy at bedtime and it breaks my heart

oh sweets.
my heart swells for you.

kokopuffs said...

we are wishing you the happiest of birthdays Kyan.

you know exactly how to crack up Mr. Mike and I with your "she just loves me for my baaaahh-deeee".

you look just like your daddy in that picture. lucky for you and your mommy and sister, he gets to come home to a big 3 year old boy really soon!

sara berry said...

Hey Kyan! Happy birthday little dude! I hope you have a great day--knowing your mom that will not be a problem! Hunter says HI and Happy Birthday, too!
♥Miss Sara

Vee said...

he is the sweetest and with the sweetest mom! Happy birthday Kylan! :)

Liv said...

Awwwwwwwww... I can't believe it's been three years already. wow.

Happy Birthday Kyan!!

Heidi Joe said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Kyan!

I think he's totally doing the Blue Steel from Zoolander in that picture. What a heart breaker!

amber said...

Happy happy birthday to Kyan. Hope that you guys had a great day!

The DCG. said...

Awww! Happy Birthday little man! Hope your birthday is as fantastic as you all are :)

scrappinJen said...

Happy Birthday Kyan. My kiddos miss you so. Can't wait to get back together again.

Veronica said...

awww. girl, You are so brave. He is so adorable...and your hubby is my hero! And Olivia is my sweets ;)

I love that pic!! My boy just got potty trained too a little after his 3rd B-day too...and guess what?? Ethan LOVES cars and Thomas.