Monday, August 25, 2008

things were found.

So I have to be honest.
This was not nearly as good as the Pam Estate, but I did get one smokin' deal.
With kids in tow and the look but don't touch rule out there, we enter the building.
A kind hello greeted us along with a "Now, things do have prices, but be sure to ask because everything is cheaper than what its marked."
For serious?!?
Music to my ears.

Instantly I spy some vintage typewriters and start hyperventilating.
I need another one like a whole in the head let's face the facts.
Right Jamie?
but for so cheap and the story behind it too.
Matt Damon's pretty little fingers may have punched on these keys when filming The Good Shepherd.

We continue to walk around to find some of Carmen Electra's old clothes that were way too small for me, outdated couches from Cher, Hellraiser's mask and loads of other junk.

and then out of the corner of my eye I spy something I have been wanting.
Not just "needing"

Item 438.
I check the price and think its missing a zero.
Of course the bargainer in me asks (like the lady at the front door said to) if it's selling for the price marked?
The man quickly hums and says (and I would never normally share the prices on this blog but in this case, how could I not?)
"How about 50 bucks?"
I try and compose my face into a humble, calm smile and say "I guess that would be fair."
a steal!!!

So not only did I score the deal of the year at the Ramirez house, but a story to boot.
A hardly been used, Schwinn spin bike thanks to Barbara Streisand.
Comical really.

I still miss Kauai, but this living outside of LA thing is kind of riot for now.


sara berry said...

Laughing out loud over that deal! You have some bargain hunting mojo for sure!

kokopuffs said...

oh michelle, have you been missing your typewriters anonymous meetings?? it might be intervention time!!

sounds like a ton of fun. so sad that your sidekick couldn't be there though...maybe the next adventure!

Anonymous said...

too bad we can't see your thrifty-ness on a bizarre reality show on E.
BTW_ you always need another typewriter. no questions asked.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

WOW! That is an amazing STEAL for the Spin Bike! Congrats!

scrappinJen said...

Dude. If I didn't know you so well, I may not believe a word of this! So cool. Checked your latest 208ish. delish!