Wednesday, August 13, 2008


After nearly 2000 adventurous miles under our 3 belts, we are home.
But at peace.
That long in the car produces a many a thoughts, ideas, concerns, joys, goals, longings.
You name it.
Just unwinding now and promise to be back with tons of photos and many of details.

Already thinking this is something I am going to make my next project.
If we ever leave the house again due to the Olympics.
Having the kids cheering on Team USA with me is fantastic.
Swimming and synchronized diving is the all around favorite at our house.
With all our hooting and hollering I'm sure the retired neighbors think we have lost it.
ehhh, it's once every four years right.
There is alot to be excited about.


miss morgan... said...

glad y'all are back and had a grand ol' time! i'm sure you have lots of fun photos to get scrappy with! can't wait!

Vee said...

glad you had a great time!! love your photos on flickr, they are awesome! synchro diving is my fav too along with swimming, gymnastics and athletics! Oh and I think I am turning into a phelps starker, esp. now that i know that he lives in b-more!

The DCG. said...

welcome home!!! sounds like you guys had a grand ol' time :) how fantastic! i heard you were on t.v. i haven't caught it! danggit. i wonder if j taped it? omg, famous, right?! xo!

kim brimhall said...

what a happy post! glad you are home safe:)

kokopuffs said...

MIke sort of wants to know how you took that picture. knowing you, you were probably driving at 50mph with the camera hanging out of the car or something.

cuz you're just a little loopy like that.