Wednesday, August 15, 2007

goin on a house hunt.....

and we're not scared...

actually trying to find a place for our last month/6 weeks here in VA and househunting in CA as well.
do we rent?
do we buy?
our heads are spinning.
i know the right thing will find its way to us

need to work out more...i've been slacking.
Olivia misses her Dora jeep....BAD
we went blueberry picking/eating...yummy!
making a few things and having fun.
love this form of expression.
having some eastern shore beach time.....blissful.
that sea grass on the right is so cool.
must come back to take more pics soon. off to Michael's to get some staz on and Sonic for lunch and a watermelon Dr. Pepper.
yes!!! you must try this soon.


sally hanna said...

good luck on the house hunt.
and love that layout so much!

Natalie said...

I love that picture of you two working out. Fun family time indeed. And as always, love your scrappage! Have a fun day!

miss morgan... said...

they show sonic commercials up here in jersey all the time now, but we don't have sonic's here! it's like a special form of torture! enjoy!

Vee said...

i love the beach photo!!
good luck on the house hunt and love your layout!!
hmmm...must try those yummy sonice drinks soon :)

DBird said...

good luck looking for a house! i hear you. me and the G need to seriously think abt this. i think we're gonna rent for a little while first. oy!

such fun times... bberry picking and beach times, yay :D

Heidi Joe said...

Good luck with your hunt... I know that the perfect house is waiting for you!

Watermelon Dr. Pepper, eh? My Sonic drink is cranberry diet sprite with limes. MMMM... I know where I'm going after work!

kokopuffs said...

so cute that you are working out with Olivia. Is that Kyan rolling around on the other side?

house hunting isn't easy. I wish I could give you a heads up about CA, but Ventura is a tad too far. I'm sure you'll find something though. again, I think you should just move next door to me.

blueberries sound really fun and summer-y. I tried Starbucks' Blueberry, not so good. almost like drinking a blueberry muffin.

waiting patiently for your arrival here in CA...

amber said...

I can imagine how much Olivia must miss her Dora jeep. Payton has the Barbie and goes through serious withdrawals when she doesn't get to ride for a few days.

Hope the house hunting goes well!

I'm a hardcore cherry limeade girl! ;)

Anilu Magloire said...

The house hunts sounds so exciting! Good luck!