Wednesday, August 01, 2007


*this inspires me to no end. *breakfast for dinner is the best.

*i love this girl.
her mind is creative magic!
she is super funny.
i wanted to keep her inspiration book.
i could go on and on....but i'll just stop at gumdrop.

she took this picture of me and i'm speechless.
like hello?

*i really look forward to hanging with these girls again soon.
we are a lucky bunch. *this looks way fun!

*DC was thunderstormy but so worth the drive.
it was my first trip out of town with the kids and just me and i did it.
feel like singing the Dora closing song about it.
met up with Vee and Natalie and thank goodness they are patient , cause my kids were totally not.
super sweet women for sure.

don't you love the girls in this....ha!
for the record....Paper Source is bliss.

*thinking about trying out for a manufacturer DT.
would be way cool.

*still doing the daily card thing.
a little honesty though....i can't always do them everyday, but i am current as of today.
fun fun way of expression.

*this was a tad weird to see and hear myself on film.
round robbing it up was crazy fun though.

*today was good day.
boom yada bing boom, dun dun dun na na na.


Natalie said...

omg, that picture is stunning! You look like one of those actress beauties from like the 50s. Love it! It was sooooo good to meet you. Please come back and play soon! Paper Source misses you.

Vee said...

i had so much fun!!
hopefully next time synai will not be so shy
i love the pic of the girls and you look gorgeous!!
*wondering if we are trying for the same dt? kisses
hope to see you soon :)

Heidi Joe said...

RING THE ALARMM!! We got some hotness over here... Holy dang jeeze you look awesome in that photo!

Paper Source... oh that store is delicious, dude. How bad did you want to just live in that envelope wall with all the colors? I know.

And yes you're a genius... you should try for a manufacturer DT. If I were a manuf. I would pick you sooooo fast. =)

ahardy said...

holy crap michelle!
that photo of you is soooooooooo

funny...watching the SiStv video, i got all teary like when i HEARD your voice. can't imagine what i'll do when i see you in person. i'm such a sapp! :p

kokopuffs said...

i was just thinking the same thing as Natalie!!! you look like a movie starlett in that picture!! i think it's beautiful...

and trying out for a manufacturer DT? good idea. I might be strolling down that path too...

can't wait til you and the family head out to the West Coast, cuz then i can take you all to Sprinkles for some sugar, then South Coast Plaza for some Paper Source love and then shoot up to D-Land for some time with Mickey and Minnie! I think mG might be up for some of that too!

sarahb said...

GUMDROP!!!!!!!! AHHH.......I totally forgot abou that, HILARIOUS!!!!! Oh and btw.....I think I MIGHT do the Manuf. DT too......might, not sure though.

EliseBlaha said...

you are fab...
i wonder if we are thinking about the same dt....


amber said...

You should sooo try out for a manufacturer DT. You would so rock that! And it was so very cool to see and hear ya on video. I was all excited! LoL.

Michelle Guray said...

ha it would soooo cool to be on a DT with you and jamison so pleeeease try out ;) it looks like you've been having loads of fun. and i'm wowed with your gorgeous pic. sarah b. truly does have a great eye!