Friday, August 03, 2007

friday finds once again....

i miss doing this on fridays.
here's to starting fresh.
VA style.

a candy store for girly girls,is what i like to call this store.
cheap, funky, trendy jewelry is right up my alley.
these earring remind me of butterscotch..yum!
and this...RUN to get this tonight.
it tax free weekend on office supplies here in Va, so really you have no excuse if you are in an area with this deal going on.
it staples up to 12 inches deep.
yikes that sounds wrong or my mind is just off because Anthonys gone..sorry.
I used JJ's in Chicago and got one as soon as i got back.
heavy duty amore for this.

and this is just a bad find.
so when in DC i respect and want to learn more about our history in the US.
i despised it while in school.
i have since changed after marrying into the military for sure.
i saw this and flipped.
just read the sign.
SAD to see at the WW2 memorial.

and wrapping up with this heavenly tape.
yes i said tape.
and its lace.
crazy huh?
Jo shared this with us and daaaaaaaaaang.
MUST GET IT like yesterday.

Happy August weekend all.


miss morgan... said...

eesh! that tape is killer for sure! can't wait to hang out in september! yay! so flattered to be included with such a crazy gifted group of ladies!

kokopuffs said...

okay people's got no respect at all. that or they can't read. if I were a security guard, I'd be telling these people off ASAP. they better recolize (recognize Jamie style) that at least they have the freedom to put their feet in respected water without having bullets fly passed their heads.

Vee said...

okay, what is wrong with those people
cleatly they cannot read
loveeeeee that tape
tfs, for real
have a great weekend!!

amytangerine said...

love the stapler and the lace tape. too clever. loved your sistv video of everyone scrapping a little of everyone else's page.

Anonymous said...

oooh I want that tape so bad and I think I would seriously like to slap those people!!

Heidi Joe said...

Oh man... If I had been at that monument I would have been giving everyone the stink eye. That kind of stuff bugs me, too.

Love Forever 21... good for fun jewelry and purses and the like... Love those earrings, lady!

Glad that Friday finds are back, man... love it! (the stapler comment made me giggle a little. Okay, a lot.)

shelly b said...

That tape is so cool! Got to have that stapler! And I'm sad that you hated for sure didn't have me as a teacher! Ha,ha!

kerry lynn said...

i cannot BELIEVE that those people have their feet in there. can they not read? i would've been tapping everyone on the shoulder to tell them where they could stick their feet.

amber said...

I soooo need that stapler. Like yesterday. And I giggled a little too. ;)

So stinking rad talking to you last night on wonderphone. Cannot wait to talk again!!

So sad those people at the memorial. No respect. :(

Michelle Guray said...

i'm glad you're doing this again cuz i love checking out your finds! that tape is sweet :) can't wait to talk to you again!

Becca said...

I really want to visit DC--soon.

And yes, it makes me sad too. : (