Thursday, August 09, 2007

*friday finds*

with the kids strapped in the stroller and snacks to last for a quick run through, i finally got to peek into this store.
kind like a west elm, but cheaper.
these felt table runners caught my eye, but i think if i would have bought one, i would have scrapped with it. bad me.
and this ultra cute bedset...Love for Olivia's room.
and can i get a "say what"
i think this is adorable!!!
and you can get it engraved with you and your loves initials...eeks.
just like in grade school.
ordering soon for sure.
and this has my mind spinning.
Stacey mentioned it on her blog and i had to check it out.
went to buy it tonight and they were out...huh?
how did i miss the early memo.
you can also see wha others have been workin up here.
artistic expression here i come.
be on the lookout for a hopeful part 2 today too.
headed off to an antique show with this chick and the kids.
keep cool....i know its a burnin' up here.
*eta...antique, smantique. it was way too uppity. i am more the flea market girl.
for healing, Sara and i had to hit up a couple thirft stores before heading home.


staceyfike said...

by cool!! you get to hang with sara berry and i got to hear bob marley!!

and as for the journal book, order it from ebay....that's my secret!

Vee said...

the journal book looks awesome!!
i will have to get that:)
love all of your fri. finds :)
have a great weekend!!

Natalie said...

I need that journal. Like, now. I can already sense how liberating its going to be to own that thing. Have a great weekeend!

DBird said...

ahhhhhhhhhahahaha, 'if i bought one i would've scrapped with it' bwahaha. so funny mR!

love your friday finds :D way cool lady, way!

kokopuffs said...

mR can you send me the link for that tree charm? I think i want one too...

Anilu Magloire said...

Love your finds!!
I have ordered my journal from Borders and I'm still waiting for it... Must have it now!!

sara berry said...

Hello lady! Powells has that I am waiting on mine to arrive. Love the friday finds but wish we'd had better luck today. There's always next time.

kerry lynn said...

oh i COVET that book. i so need to just break down and buy it!

amber said...

Love all your goodies on your friday finds.
And the fact that you might scrap with the table runner is hilarious! Have a fab weekend!

Breanne Crawford said...

i cant find that tree keychain. where is it? i need it.

shelly b said...

Love everything. I'm so a flea market girl!