Monday, August 06, 2007

lets talk photobooths

lets start here.
this is Bean.
formally she is known as Sarah, but we have called eachother Bean since early on school days. was after that dumb Bean movie, but moving on.
we used to go and take our pictures before the big Friday night football games and loved it.
all foofed up in our cheer gear...does it get much better....i think not?

so fast forward to present day and wah la!
i found this Project and am thinking its a darn clever idea.
i am mean really.
can you see me trying to shove my kids into a photobooth once a week?
imagine the pure bliss the photos would capture.
just the top of their heads.
nose pickin'

i am thinking for Kyans 2nd birthday that we should give it a go.
off to find out where in the world a photo booth is in the crazy town.

eta* if you are feeling helpful check out this wonderful cause!!


Vee said...

love these pics!!
what a cool idea, i have wantedlike forever to take some photobooth pics with the children
soon soon :)

ahardy said...

oh SNAP!
i must take this on too!

i love me some photobooth action!
although, i must admit to being spoiled with our Mac.
still, ya gotta love the effect of those cute little strips!

ahardy said...

and on a sidenote.
we should have a "scrap-off" of old cheer photos!
that would be a HOOT!


kokopuffs said...

dude mR. did you know you can rent photobooths? my BFF's sister rented one for her wedding and I saw her scrapbook of photos. it's so rad. i thought about getting one for mine wedding but didn't. wasn't sure if a group of 250 Asian people would understand the whole concept. so it might've been me and Mike in the thing the whole night.

DBird said...

yes yes, how fun! so cool that you call each other nicknames! i love that. such a radness of an idea :D it's *so* all abt preserving the memories!!

and on j's note ^^we saw the idea in a wedding mag too -- but being that we live in hawaii, they're not in abundance here, lol.

sarahb said...

I think hubby and I are gonna try and do this too, lovin the idea, see if i can find a photobooth anywhere either......

Lu said...

i love the photobooths. i really need to find one around here and have a little fun.

Heidi Joe said...

Oh, I think that if I won the lottery I would buy a photo booth... I think they are so rad... I'd make everyone that came over do it. Even the UPS man.

Okay, and I'm totally down with A-Radd's scrap off with the cheer photos... I got some doozies there, fo sho!