Tuesday, August 28, 2007

on with the happy

memories at this lighthouse.
i love lighthouses.
saw this one over 6 years ago with Anthony.
today i was here with the wee ones.
insert smile here.
a funky laminate flooring covered mini i made with the SIS Sonora High kit.
does it get more mug shotish than this??
gotta love it.
big cheese from Kyan at the Thomas the Train live show.
yikes...thats about all i can say about that show.
anthony asked "how much did we pay for those tickets again?"
and then we both started giggling hard.
Happy birthday Kyan.

and finally a BIG smile for a night out all dressed up with my man.
i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
again, thanks for all the support.
it really means alot and helped more than i could ever say.


Heidi Joe said...

Um, hello, gorgeous! Love that fun pic of you and Anthony! So fun!
Kyan's little Thomas grin and Olivia's mug shot are cracking me up right now, too!

Glad things are on the upswing for you... lots of love, girlah!

kokopuffs said...

1. I have about 10 boxes of laminate flooring sitting in the garage right now. I think I'm gonna have Mike cut some up for a little album action.

2. Olivia looks a little stunned in that picture. now sure if she is thrilled about it or not.

3. I still adore your little man. I showed Mike his picture and he goes, what a goof! but you can tell he is so happy.

4. I showed Mike that picture too and he says it looks like you two are getting married or something. A-Man looks very dapper in his dress whites and you look stunning in your gown.

love you all still and think of you often....please take care!

sally hanna said...

you & your man look good all cleaned up & fancy!!

Courtney DeLaura said...

much love to you


amber said...

You look so beautiful in that pic! How fun to have a dressy night out.

And yeah, that pic of Olivia=hilarious. It definitely looks mug shotish. But that's why it's so stinking cute.

So glad things are getting better.

Vee said...

you look gorgeous!! olivia's mug shot is too cute!! :)
so glad you are feeling better, hang in there.

Natalie said...

Super adorable pic of you two! You look stunning in that dress. Really, you do. And that picture of Olivia cracks me up. She's too cute for words.

miss morgan... said...

ohmygosh!!! you guys look absolutely amazing, totally gorg and you made me tear up, haha! yeah i'm a little emotional right now, haha! love that laminate mini. i guess i'm going to have to get over my blatant disdain for home improvement stores and get to shopping!

ahardy said...

oh michelle.
don't you just love coming "full circle"?
i love that lighthouse pic with the kiddos!

happy to see you having some fun times with
the family. both WITH and WITHOUT the kiddos.

you are so GORGEOUS inside & out girl!

Breanne Crawford said...

wooooo look at you hot mama!!!!

and that little mini album: fantastic!

Anilu Magloire said...

Looka at you all dressed up!! You look like prom age kids. So beautiful :)
The laminate on that mini was genius. So very 1979.

shelly b said...

How pretty! fun photos! love the SIS album...might have to copy!

amytangerine said...


livvie said...

what a pretty dress! love it.

and that's the cutest little pic of Kyan that i've seen in a while.

good stuff. :)

scrap {n} flava said...

You look stunning in that photo!
Love the penguin mug shot- seriously how cool is that! my son's buddy went to a thomas show- good grief his mom lucked out because the grandparents took him! Whew!
& thrift stores rock- we just had a goodwill open here and let me tell ya- I spend more there than at walmart these days-

kerry lynn said...

dude 'chelle.
you are mr. & mrs. hottie hot-hot.