Monday, October 01, 2007


now this is something is spend your money on.
papers and kit created by ms. Contes herself...oh yeah, its good.
and Scrap In Style has a fresh online store filled with tons o goodies and many more things to come.
Love what Jeanette's vision has in store for us all.

This weekend we enjoyed some beach time.
full of carnival food, sculptured sandcastles and art.
fun fun.

and now we are in full hang out with friends because we are leaving to CA on Thursday mode.

packed up the house today and feel so much more together about it all.

and first thing Friday morning we are going to see a house for rent that i think i am gonna love.

mind you, we have no boat, but this house is on the water and has a 40 foot dock.

i think a jet ski might be in order if we get it.

wish us luck on that and luck to me for the cross country plane ride with 2 wee ones.

mama is nervous.


kokopuffs said...

mama will be fine...
just think, you'll be on one coast to the next all in one day!! I can't wait to see you!

Vee said...

you will be fine girlie!!
I will miss you here on the east side :(
love the photo of lil'dude! :)
I ordered kristi's kit last night, can't wait to get it!! :)

staceyfike said...

good luck ♥

ahardy said...

can i just say .....
*PARTY TIME* if you get that house!
if you provide the music, i will gladly drive over
the cocktails from AZ.

irregardless of whatever house you find...
deal? :)

wishing you safe travels friend.
and just think.
there will be a *Girlah Welcome* of sorts for you!

DBird said...

i miss mama! Hahahaha :) good 'luckah luckah luckah' on the house and travel and all that business.

i also miss regularly logging onto SIStv. and my girlahs.

Natalie said...

Wishing you the absolute best on you move. I'm putting it out there that everything is going to be just fine! All of us east coast girls are really going to miss you. =(

shelly b said...

Just ordered the KC collection..can't wait to get it!Good luck with everything!

Michelle Guray said...

best wishes, mama! have a safe trip!!