Friday, January 04, 2008

adventure to the cold.

The beach in us took a backseat today.

Because a new year always brings new adventures for us.
Conquering a trip to the snow was our first.
And to even call it snow feels a little silly, being that we do live here in California now and it's all man-made "snow"
The kids enjoyed it nonetheless.

And can just say what amateurs were are for a trip like this?
Fleece gloves.
tennis shoes.

a day to remember.
you bet!


Vee said...

love your new banner!!! omg, snow, i want to play. it is cold as the dickens here but no snow for play:(
have a great weekend!!

kokopuffs said...

i forgot to ask, was this the kids first experience with snow? CA is kinda cool in that you can drive one direction and get the ocean, turn around and get snow, turn another way and get the desert and then turn yet another way and get urban life.

and after the rain we just had, you can bet there's "real" snow now.

ahardy said...

LoL about the sneakers.
but in the end, it's just like you said ...
the experience together is *PRICELESS*.

your new banner is sweet too mR!

Breanne Crawford said...

love the new banner!!!

miss morgan... said...

ooooh, thanks for the reminder! i totally want to go snowtubing this winter!