Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the recap.

Pictured above...
*Anthony ironing while enjoying a view of the Vegas strip. mommy and daddy got a weekend away!!!
* the kids loving having Lito and Lita wrapped around their fingers for a week.
* Olivia and Kyan loved putting together our Valentines Day tree thanks to project 52
* finally finishing up on some projects that I got in way over my head on.
* the Long Beach Swap Meet is as cool as rumored.

Pictures were not taken when I...
*met up with this girl who is super cool!
*got rear ended.
*attended a Pre deployment meeting.
*saw the Bee Movie with the kids.

A week in the life of us i suppose.


ahardy said...

weekend in vegas + no kids = jealous.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of your clutch with the poker chips and gloss ... instant classic.

Yay that you are back to the blog world.
Missed you [arms stretched really wide].

Heidi Joe said...

That little photo montage ya got there would be a dope little mini if you ask me!

Glad you are back... I missed you too, love.

Vee said...

wow what a great weekend, vegas what?!! awesome :) i love your photos and you got to hang with Amy, so awesome :) missed ya, but you know that, :)

kokopuffs said...

i super adore those pictures. i think the beach one of A and the kids and the one of Olivia at the swap meet are my faves.

yay for parents' weekend away, time with family, craftiness, poker chips, kids, husband and wife and everything in between...