Monday, January 28, 2008

its pays to stay up late.

I feel like a teenager who gets all excited when calling a radio station to request a song for the boyfriend.
sidenote. I have done this once to request a song with Delilah and I got to talk to her.
anyway, so I got this email from a band I really enjoy, Let's go Sailing ,saying they were playing on a local indie station here tonight.
So i listened in. They were awesome.
and I called in and won a handmade tote!
so cool.
so fun.
Its the new way to go to concerts for parents when you can't make it for real huh?


Cat said...

Very cool. I love reading things that inspire parents like myself to remain cool... :)

ahardy said...

DeeeeeeLiiiiiiiiiiLahhhhh, for reals?

my mind was STILL in the gutter when i read
your title, "it pays to stay up late."
ay caramba!:P
i bet you'll wear that tote like a rock star!

miss morgan... said...

awww! i love a good tote bag, but HATE delilah! hehe!