Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Compliments at a thirft store.

Say hello to my little friends.
My favorite earrings at the moment.
They jingle and jangle in my ear and normally that would annoy me, but it adds to their charm.
So i wore them out today with a tank, zip up sweatshirt and jeans.
A sure fire way to spruce up any outfit.
And while shopping through the thrift store, this male worker looks and me and says,
"Girl, you are rockin' those earrings. Are they gold?"
me. "pssh please. They were $3.80 from Forever 21. Thanks. You made me day."
and he did.
out of nowhere.
i love compliments like that.
Weird being the one getting them not giving them, but nice in any event.
Genuinely compliment some random person today.
and on a totally unrelated note.
see the photo above?
That's me attempting to take catchy shots.
So glad I'm doing Adrienne's Artistic Edge photo class because I need some assistance.
Fun camera. check.
skills to go with the camera. Coming soon.


kokopuffs said...

oh mR...
I was going to ask you if you wear fancy earrings everyday. I noticed every time I see you, you're always wearing some.

ahardy said...

Looking GOOD Hollywood. :)
Forever has the *cutest* accessories for cheap.
love that!
& that shot of you is super cool too mR!

Vee said...

yes yes so so hot, love them!! nothing like a little jingle :)

miss morgan... said...

those are totally killer earrings! i love, loooove big earrings! and the leafy look of those is awesome!

Anilu Magloire said...

Your little friends are so cool!