Thursday, January 10, 2008

just like pre-kid times.

This shot was taken:
*at our first Social D concert.
*after i caught a rose from the lead singer who by the way is old, yet can jump kick with guitar in hand like no one's business.
*by our camera that was snuck in (in our pants)
*down low.
*with drink and Starburst candies in hand.
*before we were escorted out by two huge dudes.
While exiting the venue, Anthony gave it one last shot and pleads...
"We have a 2 and 3 year old at home and all I wanted to do was take a picture Social D singing Ring Of Fire for them. It's their favorite song. Please."
I stood there thinking "oh no he di'int bring the kids into this." nice.
No sympathy was given and out to the car he went.
Great night though.
For my Social D loving friend Sara.
You know tucking a damn rose in my shirt for 3 hours while being pushed against sweaty strangers is a pain right?
Well i saved it for you.
Be on the lookout for it.


phinner said...


Social D! Social D!

If Sara doesn't want the rose, you can send it to me!!! : .)

kokopuffs said...

what the heck happened at the concert?? were you two acting rowdy again?!?!

i must call you now to find out.

staceyfike said...

you wild woman!!

i lOVE that you got kicked out!!

miss morgan... said...

that is soooo rad! i never doubted your cool-ness for a second miss michelle! sara will be so psyched!

sara berry said...

Are you kidding me? Holy smokes (as H would say!! I have some really fond memories of going to see them when we lived in Cali and in HI but I can't compete with you wild woman!!! Kicked out? I am trying to picture it and I don't know how anyone could kick you out!? I am so glad you got to see them live and you had a wonderful time...wish we could have been there to see it with you guys. Perfect reason to buy one of these:
I am gonna call you!

shelly b said...


alavonne said...

that's awesome! you guys are my hero!