Thursday, January 03, 2008

lesson one of 2008

Read the directions all the way through.
It pays off. I really love the crackle look that Vee has been working over and thought i would give it a whirl.
With crackle in hand, i make my first attempt.
no luck.
a few more luck.

Then I placed a call to my trusty friend Sara and she told me how it worked.
If i ever have a question, this girl without fail has the answer.
With her on the phone I read the directions and just started laughing at myself.
I got excited and started painting without reading all the way through and missed the final step.

One note to self taken.


Vee said...

hehehe, love it girl!!! I am so addicted it to it, can't get enough of the crackle. :) hahaha

Natalie said...

Good story! You rocked the crackle. I need to get me some of that. Happy New Year!!

DBird said...

you're so artsy crafty. love the paint job!

sara berry said...

You 'crack' me up. Okay, I know that was totally lame but I couldn't help it. Glad it is working--you inspired me to go buy a bottle so I am going to put it to use. Maybe I will make something about M+A's club. Miss you!

kokopuffs said...

ok, so what mini is this one for? cuz lately you're been coming up with some great ones.

that monopoly board still has me in awe.

luckily I'll get to see it in person really soon!

Gillian said...

Well at least you got it working in the end! I will remember to read all the way to the bottom when I try it out! lol

Rock'nmama said...

Okay, so the last step...? Please let me know. I would love to try it :)

michelle raMirez said...

layers go as follows.
one coat acrylic (any color)
one coat crackle
back up with another layer of acrylic (any color)
watch it crackle.
kinda like a chia pet in progression.
fun times!