Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 years ago today.

This was me.
Loving to be pregnant.
so anxious to meet our first child.

and then with a flash she was here and it was her first birthday.
She loved to dance and sing.
eat sand.
She was already a Daddy's girl.

and then entered this 2 year old girl.
No longer a baby, but now a shining toddler.
And she never was terrible in her two's.
She was a pleaser, a big sister and had a best friend Megan.

and before we knew it, she was celebrating her 3rd birthday.
So independent now.
Full of life.
Entered the princess stage.
Loved mangoes, waffles and hot dogs.

and tonight she will blow out her candles and be 4.
She loves puzzles, coloring, and anything with rhinestones.
She is a wise, old, beautiful soul.
All she wants for her birthday is her Daddy.
The best I can do is ice cream and roller skating with friends.

Happy birthday sweet Olivia.
You will always be our little girl.


sara berry said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!! Hunter is going to make you a video tomorrow...stay tuned! Miss you and wish we were there to celebrate with you!

Natalie said...

This totally pulled on my heart strings. What a cute summary of a wonderful little girl's life. Happy Birthday Olivia!

kerry lynn said...

happy birthday sweet O!!
if i could, i would make that bday present a reality. in a heartbeat.

kokopuffs said...

happy birthday miss olivia!
Miss Jamie and Mister Mike both wish you the bestest birthday ever. enjoy that cake and make a special wish just for yourself okay?
I'm sure your daddy is sending you lots of love and kisses across the oceans...

Veronica said...

awww. happy birthday Olivia!!

Your sweet post makes me cry. I'm PMSing and I can't believe my boy will be 3 in 10 days. UGH.

ahardy said...

HaPPy BiRthDaY Olivia!
You are such a sweet girl!


Heidi Joe said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! I remember your birthday last year because it was the same weekend I got to meet you. Lucky me!

Hope you have a special day!

The DCG. said...

awww! hope you had a birthday as fantastic and princesslike as you are, adorable olivia! birthday hugs and rainbow kisses from maui :) muah!

miss morgan... said...

awww. i think you might just be the sweetest mommy!