Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reason 2647

What's great about having a little girl?
Dressing her up in tights and a tutu to go ice skating.


kokopuffs said...

you guys went?!?!?

oh bummers! next time right?

EliseBlaha said...

this is exactly why i am having a daughter.

love it.

CandiMandi said...

This pic! It is sooo precious! I mean really... my favorite pic I've seen in a verrrry long time. ::::sigh::::

Vee said...

fun for sure!! love the photo! ;)

The DCG. said...

how fun and precious!!! i just love it!

and commenting on everything else below! omg, you have so many celeb sightings/encounters! hoo wee!

and it totally looks like yall had a great time in HI :) so happy!

and macys had the killerest awesomest sale for mem. day, huh! good deals, mang!