Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i'll be damned.

one week ago gas had just topped 4 bucks.
and this week its $4.25?!?
enough already.

and everyone is all against this man's "connection".
but not me.
He is the clear cut winner in this go around.
i'll bet some scrappy stuff on it.

Color me naive too.
Trusting is a way of life in Hawaii and we definitely carried that back to the mainland with us.
My eyes are opened today.
One sneaky weasel has been using my CC for online charges!!!!
errr...the nerve of some people.

But to end the day on a good note.
Its Kids eat free night at Denny's and I will be there.
If you have kids, you too might think this is pretty cool.
Rocket ship cups, alien face pancakes and all.


Mandi said...

Dude you even make gas tanks look pretty. :)

sara berry said...

Ouch. What a day, huh? Good thing you went green w/ the ride. Miss you, S

The DCG. said...

i just filled up at lunch today... it's like a whopping 4.30 something. oy! i didn't know CA is up there too!

trusting is totally way of life. my gramma still leaves her doors unlocked. all of them. with the keys inside the car! well, that's in the big island, but still! omg, good thing you caught the cc theif!

have a great night with the kiddos! muah xoxo!

Heidi Joe said...

Dang and I thought it was bad here on the gas tip.

Jeremy is the clear front runner, for sure. I tuned in this go 'round because Twilley's mom is a regular client of ours. How hilarious, right?


amber said...

We haven't hit the $4.00 mark yet, but I will cry when we do. As my gas guzzler has barely left the garage as it is. :(

I'm not digging Jeremy too much. I agree that he is the clear cut front runner and they have this connection. But still. He's not my fave.

Cannot believe someone used your CC. Some people!

ahardy said...


$4, huh?
i'm seriously getting ready to craigslist a bike.
the boys all have one.
my tummy & thighs would thank me, i think!

and Denny's?