Friday, June 06, 2008

feel the aloha.

Finally something crafty right.
The hiatus is over for now.
Made this little guy to keep track of the daily happenings on our trip to Maui.
In a perfect world I would have finished it day by day.
So not the case, but I took notes.
Used lots of goodies from JLMS where I am now a designer.
Freeing it is to pick out goodies from her shop and then just create.
plain and simple.


staceyfike said...

looks yummy ♥

kokopuffs said...

I didn't know you were even trying for the team!! congrats! I bet it feels good to create uninhibited again huh?

I can't wait to see...when are we going to visit??

Mandi said...

Ooooh I love JLMS! I'm dying to see more of your journal!

The DCG. said...

dude! that maui book is so colorful and sun shiny bright! LOVE it!

congratulations on the JLMS gig! woo hoo! it must be fun to pick things out and create that-a-way.

have a great weekend! xoxo!

kerry lynn said...

so happy for you sweetie. it sounds like the perfect fit!
and i LOVE the album. LOVE!!!

ahardy said...

that mini is quite the BEAUT.

Vee said...

looks awesome can't wait to see more of it!!! congrats and welcome to the team, can't wait to rock it with you every month! :)