Sunday, June 15, 2008

what daddy looks like.

Made this little picture for the Daddy of the house.
The man that will drop whatever he is doing to play with the kids.
Asks them if they want dog food for dinner just to hear them giggle.
Loves taking them for rides in his jeep.
The dad that taught Olivia to say "mmm that smells like roses" when he passes gas.
and the dad that "kicks over the sun each day when he is done with it where he is on that big boat"

We love you Anthony.
Happy Fathers day.


kokopuffs said...

very sweet.
in my already emotional state, this just tops it off.
happy papa's day Anthony.

and make sure I'm not over when dog food is being served okay?

Mandi said...

This is really special. What a great dad.