Thursday, September 04, 2008

2 days worth.

My love for Home depot's returned paint section is immense.
The majority of the time this is where I go to find paint.
How can you go wrong for 5 bucks for the gallon?
I even learned of a dirty little trick from my father in law about buying the paint in the color you want.
Then returning it.
Then go back and get it out of the return pile the next day.
I have yet to do this because it's just too much work, but pretty cleaver.
Today I scored the perfect color to paint those 70's ish brown legs on my table.
The looked so refreshed and purty now.

My addiction to Craigslist led me to this bad boy too.
It's huge and chipped and meant to be in my house.
It will not stay on those scales but just propped it up for a picture on them.
Angels Antiques in Carpenteria is my new favorite shop.
Without a fraction of a doubt.
Its thrifter's paradise if you will.
(I will post pictures of it later. Prepare to freak)

Got these jars there too.
Once dry, they are going to look mighty fine in my "candy shop"
dang this is fun.
Off to get more done while the kids are napping.
more later...


Debee Campos said...

are you for real?!
return your paint and buy it back the next day?!

oh my goodness

will try it

you sound like you are having fun
and that is awesome

Vee said...

okay, you must tell me what you put in the search field at craigs because I never find awesome things like the red beauty!!! I know someone must have something like that in the dmv!! can't wait to see what your new painted space is going to look like! :)
have a happy weekend!!

kokopuffs said...

you never knew about that paint trick? mike and his brother (mostly his brother) would talk about doing it like it was breathing air.