Monday, September 01, 2008

scrapbook SOS

If you have a chance let me know what you think.
I am little by little clearing out without guilt.
Operation 1 ...paper.
Goal...go from 12 drawers to 3.
I'll keep you updated and that will keep me on task.


The DCG. said...

oh my mR!!!!!! speak it sister. i hear you. i tried to have a marathon this weekend, but it didn't work out for me. why? same thing. overwhelmed by all the clutter. and over abundance. you just inspired me to go through some sht too :)

and i LOVE that i heard something familiar in the background.. oh, nkotb was playing :)

YOU ARE FANTASTIC! keep me posted on your progess... God knows I need the motivation and help too, lol. Good luckahs! xo!

the girlah who moved her stuff out to the dining room table since the scrap room was too full :)

EliseBlaha said...

you are fabulous.
but yes.
you have GOT TO DELETE IT.

when i get overwhelmed, i get a big garbage bag and TOSS. if i have had it for a year, and haven't used it...i never will. if paper is ugly, i will never use it.

forget about the "oh man, but what if someday I NEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD a paper this odd shade of maroon/peach." if that day comes, rebuy. until then, much more worth it to have it gone.

TOSS. you can do it.


sarah.b said...

I am in the EXACT same boat! it has been a LONG while since I scrapped anything that I actually loved or did for fun. I am starting to get inspired again, but surprise I have no freakin space, URGH!!!!! I hate it!! I'm fixing my problem right now. I think that first thing I am going to do is take EVERYTHING out of the room and start from scratch!

sara berry said...

I now have a big box that is for tossing the 'i will never use this' stuff into...when it is full I am gonna RAK it. There is gonna be some serious postage to pay, but hey, scrap space is precious real estate. I say just start purging and when you find yourself stuck on a particular thing ask yourself why...if you don't have a good reason then let it go. :) Good luck!

kim brimhall said...

I think sarah has the right idea...clean it out and start over and you'll see your stuff in a new light...

I'm just super excited you are going to be scrapping again. serious. makes me happy. and i can see YOU are excited! so yay!

Can't wait to see it...but you should "make" some stuff that's all yours and hang it on the wall...I agree with the Oprah comments...surround yourself with things you love...

in life and in that room:)


can't wait:)

shahnnen said...

yeah, i've successfully purged, and now i've been playing in tidy bliss, but 6 mos have passed and i need to do it again (dang!)
i got over my fear/guilt of throwing something away that i spent money on, but putting all of it that i didn't absolutely, 100% LOVE (not like, not think was cute, but stuff i use--and part of this i had to realize some stuff i did love had to go---or find another use (wrapping paper, etc.) because it didn't fit in my style, etc.)
put all of what you don't use/love in a box and in a couple months, if you don't go looking for it, it's good to go. somehow, it is easier to part with when it hasn't been sitting forlornly in a basket, staring at you.
you got it girl--you gotta get that shi---err..stuff cleaned up, or you will never scrap again. and it'll cloud your judgment and you'll end up getting an elmo tattoo. how's that for scare tactics?

cheiron said...

hi michelle, i have been reading your blog for a few months is terrific...I love all of your shopping "finds". not sure how much stuff you want to get rid of but i just cleaned out BOXES from my craft space and senior centers/schools in ny can not seem to get enough of that stuff! I have finally started to scrapbook again. if you give away, it will make you feel better than just tossing it .i would love to see more of your creations. you make some great stuff! I just cleaned my room from head to can see the pix here: Happy Organizing!Can't wait to see the finished product.

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

I went through CRAZY stacks of paper and guess what I tossed the trash. YUP.

I now have one crate (half) only. ALL paper I love...and organized! AND I have STOPPED spending. Yup.

Debee Campos said...

totally fed up with shopping and buying
i tackled each thing by taking everything out of my space, then filling it with only things i really really really was itching to use. I LOVE that you use a ton of vintage "special thrift" stuff you get. Maybe it's time to fill those candy jars with yummy stuff like that!

oh geez, the moment you start to scrap. I'm coming over ;)

hugs and lotsa love

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

I also went through a "Ive got to stop this madness" in fact just a couple of weeks ago. I posted pics of my transformed area in my blog.

The first thing I did was take every single thing out and put them in 3 piles...kinda like clean sweep? Keep, not sure, donate. I put away all the keeps and then did a second run through of the not sure putting them in either keep or donate.

I know exactly how it feels to purge and feel bad that you spent X amount of dollars on all this stuff just to through it away. What I ended up doing is taking an empty box and putting everythingin the donate pile...papers, stickers, etc and then went on Freecycle message board (check yahoo, most cities have one) and posted, got a box full of scrapbook stuff, first person to respond it's yours, must pick up immediately. It was gone within 2 hours! Left it on my porch. That way I don't have the chance to go back in it and start picking again.

Hope that helps! Good luck!