Tuesday, September 02, 2008

progress update #1

attack the paper.
So after I posted last night, I brought my paper into the living room drawer by drawer and was ruthless.
If I gave it a second thought it was gone.
By the end of the night I went from these to...

These 2 little baskets.
One for scraps and the other for big sheets.
and that is all the room I am allowing myself.
Bonus with this method, I can see and therefore use what I have.
No more being overwhelmed by those drawers.

and now to tackle this...

I took Sarah's advice and cleared that puppy out.
whew, I truly feel lighter already.

As I move forward I go with these thoughts...
again, only keep what you love.
I need to see it to use it.
I want it to feel like a candy store.
be organized yet functional.
By weeding out the bad/old , I am loving rediscovering what I gravitate towards.

Thanks you guys for the spot on advice.
Self motivation through this blog is my goal.
That way I stick to it and start creating again.
I miss it.
On one last note, while on the phone today to a non-scrapbooky friend, I tell her of my adventure.
She laughs and said " You are doing it again? Did you ever finish before?"
Oh, she went and pushed the GET IT DONE AND LOVE IT button.

until next time...


The DCG. said...

Dude! Total progress already! YAY, go mR, Go!

lauren said...

that's awesome progress, michelle!!!
i don't know how you can do it!!! :)
i can't wait to see the gems of creation that come from your new space!
keep up the great work! hehe!

Heidi Joe said...

So awesome!! I need to follow your lead and purge some paper down. You've inspired me. MAJOR.

kokopuffs said...


it's like you just moved in or something.

i can't believe how bare it is. my eyes aren't deceiving me are they?

so proud mR, of you. cuz I know for you, that is a HUGE accomplishment.

could you maybe come down and do my scrap space too? it'll give you a reason to see the pot belly...

staceyfike said...

i got my postcard today :)

Liv said...

do you remember when you first got me into scrapbooking and i only had that little bit of stuff from joann's and ben franklin's? i said, "I don't feel like I have enough stuff to do anything." and then you said, "I wish I ONLY had that much stuff to work with."

now I totally see what you meant! :)

i'm sure you're going to make HUGE process. we have faith in you! baby steps. baby steps.

Liv said...
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kerry lynn said...

i just did this too chellers
i gave away all of the
"maybe i'll use it someday" stuff
and only kept the
"ack! it's so beautiful" stuff
and you know what?
i am 3/4 lighter in the stuff department
so keep on purging
it's not like new stuff isn't gonna keep streaming in!

Katie Watson said...

Oh My goodness...I think you snuck in my house and took a picture of my scrap area.........I am in the same mood right now...PURGE...but I have 2 DT projects due so no time to purge yet...it's exhausting but OH so healthy!!