Friday, September 26, 2008


I an enthralled with Halloween decorations and it's not even October 1st yet.
My mind is swirling with spooky things to make and do around the house.
and I think this is me caving to my "wait until the 1st to decorate" plan.
Trick or treat!


Mandi said...

haha Trick or friggen treat! I saw someone on my street had cornstalks by their front door already... and I was like, calm down! It's still September! haha

kim brimhall said...

OH! that beware is calling my name! thanks for sharing! i love your happy little blog:) and i miss you!


sara berry said...

I just pulled out stuff from the attic...and squealed when I saw the banner you made us last year! I can't wait to put it up! Trick or treat indeed!
Miss you,

Mermaid Queen said...

Your blog is so cute Michelle, and I love Halloween too!

miss morgan... said...

i think halloween really has the cutest decorations ever, and those are all awesome! i can't wait to see what you do.